PRIESTS FOR LIFE ( tanto volentieri ospitiamo)

Priests for Life Canada interviews Pat O’Brien, former Liberal and Independent Member of Parliament on “Election Readiness”. Listen to the interview online Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1, 2011.


On its monthly pro-life radio and internet show, Fr. John Lynch, National Director of Priests for Life Canada and Fr. John Lemire, Chairman, conducts a special exclusive interview with Pat O’Brian, a Political Consultant and former Liberal and Independent Member of Parliament.


“As a federal election could be called at anytime, this interview is an effort to assist all concerned individuals to be “election ready”. Prime Minister Harper has made it clear that the abortion issue is not on the table, even if the Conservatives gain a majority in the next election. If we’re to make a change in Parliament, it’s imperative that we elect pro-life candidates, regardless of their party affiliation. We could soon have the opportunity to do so”.


This interview takes place on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 on Radio Teopoli, AM530 (in the Toronto area) or at at 1P.M… see “The Pro-Life Hour”.


“Elections provide us with the opportunity to make our voice known by electing pro-life candidates to parliament. Though prayer is our number one defence against the “culture of death” we know that the number of abortions in Canada, which number over 100,000 each year, can be drastically reduced by legislation to protect the unborn. We also know that the politicians we elect will decide whether or not euthanasia will be legalized in Canada”, said Fr. John Lemire in the interview.


Tune in to hear all about Pat O’Brien as he gives us an overview as to why he entered politics and what brought him to the decision to leave the Liberals and remain in parliament as an Independent.


“The Pro-Life Hour” airs on a monthly basis, in the Southern Ontario region on the first Tuesday of each month from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Radio Teopoli, AM530. Programs are also available on the Priests for Life Canada Website shortly following the first airing. Just go to at your convenience and listen in. Past shows, which are available online, have included introductory information on Priests for Life Canada as well as prominent pro-life guests such as Rod Bruinooge, MP, as well as interviews with Rebecca Richmond of National Campus Life Network and Ruth Lobo of Lifeline, a pro-life organization at Carleton University, Ottawa.


For further information, contact Priests for Life Canada at 1-888-300-2007 or




Yours for Life,

Priests for Life



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